BRIDAL Marriage


After blooming,
petals of cherry blossoms are piling up,
And becoming the fruit of the union for the two,
and finally the ring of promise.

Sakura marriage combines the traditional European manufacturing process and superb "Made in Japan" techniques.
The rings are perfect for the two who are about to tie the knot.

“Forging” process

Forging is a traditional manufacturing process in Europe (in Germany, Switzerland, etc.) which only a few Japanese manufacturers could deliver.
It transforms a chunk of metal into the shape of a ring by applying pressure and compressing repeatedly using a machine without dissolving the metal.
By applying pressure and compressing, the metal underneath is strengthened and the finished product will be hard, scratch-resistant, and difficult to be deformed.
Then it is scraped out into a ring shape with a precision machine with a hard stone e.g. diamond, etc.
(The finished product is called "a diamond-cut" or "seamless" ring.)

Vickers Hardness

Vickers hardness is the unit of measurement to indicate the hardness of materials such as metals. As the number increases, so does the hardness.
As Sakura marriage adopts a forging process, the degree of Vickers hardness will be higher by 50-80 for the finished products compared with the traditional casting (lost-wax) manufactured products.
Vickers harness is measured by setting a diamond in an inverted pyramid shape and pressing down the sample with a weight. Then the size for the diamond scar is measured numerically.

*Price including tax

1 SM0001L
¥105,600~(tax included)
2 SM0001M
¥132,000~(tax included)
1 SM0002M
¥158,400~(tax included)
2 SM0002LD
¥138,600~(tax included)

1 SM0003M
¥191,400~(tax included)
2 SM0003M
¥171,600~(tax included)
1 SM0004M
¥151,800~(tax included)
2 SM0004L
¥125,400~(tax included)

1 SM0005M
¥171,600~(tax included)
2 SM0005LD
¥151,800~(tax included)
1 SM0006L
¥118,800~(tax included)
2 SM0006M
¥145,200~(tax included)

1 SM0007L
¥145,200~(tax included)
2 SM0007M
¥158,400~(tax included)
1 SM0008L
¥145,200~(tax included)
2 SM0008M
¥158,400~(tax included)

1 SM0009M
¥125,400~(tax included)
2 SM0009LD
¥125,400~(tax included)
1 SM0010M
¥125,400~(tax included)
2 SM0010LD
¥125,400~(tax included)