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PRIVACY POLICYPrivacy Policy of Sakura Diamond
(Tokyo Kiho Corporation)

Tokyo Kiho Corporation (hereinafter referred as the "Company") fully realizes the importance as well as necessity to protect private information of the clients. The Company hereby stipulates the following privacy policy in managing/protecting the private information provided by the customers through business activities, makes all the employees thoroughly aware of the policy, and seeks to protect private information.

The Company shall legally and fairly collect the clients' private information only within the necessary range, and use the private information only for purposes notified to customers at the time of collection of the information complying with the applicable laws.
The Company shall maintain internal rules about private information handling and seeking to improve them continually.
The Company shall seek to update and maintain the accurate information of customers, and establish the information desk for customers to address any issue appropriately and promptly.
Upon request, the Company shall disclose, add, change, correct or delete the information registered.
The Company may revise the above-mentioned policy by the amendment of law and so forth or the change of Company's policy.
The Company shall notify all the revisions on this website to customers for their review.

October, 2012
Chiaki Nakagawa, Representative Director

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