Jewelry collection with Sakura Diamonds
The wide-ranging lineup includes simple design, flower motif design series, and high-end products.
We added extraordinary brilliance to the high-quality diamonds with our premium Sakura Diamond Cut technique and created beautiful jewelry.

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Engagement Rings

Engagement ring collection – "Sakura Diamond," creation of eternal cherry blossoms, on the engagement ring.

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Marriage Rings

Sister brand of Sakura Diamond. This is a marriage ring brand adopting a process called "forging" making a diamond hard and scratch-resistant. We also pay attention to details for better fitting.

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Sakura Accessory is a silver accessory brand, decorated with Swarovski's Zirconia which the artistry called Sakura Diamond Cut is applied to. We created an innovative and bold design that Sakura Diamonds could not express, and developed a new casual line for everyday use.

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Sakura Diamond presents Diamond Makeup Series.
The cosmetics contain a 0.1-carat of natural diamond in the ingredients to give the skin an elegant shine.
Brilliance of the diamond increases feminine beauty and elegance.

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