Sakura Accessories
Silver accessory brand of Swarovski's Zirconia
which the Sakura Diamond Cut is applied to

We created an innovative and bold design
to develop a casual line for everyday use
that Sakura Diamonds jewelries could not fully express.

Various items for working women in different situations.
Wear them alone
or enjoy with a combination with another jewelry!
Simple, feminine, and modish…
Wide-ranging designs make women fashionably sparkle.

Sakura Effect

Bold yet delicate design with a large cubic Zirconia

1. PN-101 JPY19,000
2. PN-102 JPY30,000
3. PE-103 JPY28,000
4. PN-104 JPY14,000

(Base price)

Sakura Delight

Mature, cute and feminine line with a fairy-tale-like cherry blossom motif

1. PE-107 JPY37,000
2. PN-108 JPY26,000
3. PN-109 JPY48,000
4. BR-110 JPY22,000
5. BR-111 JPY29,000
6. BR-139 JPY27,000

(Base price)

Genuine Color

Sweet design with a combination of pink cubic Zirconia and natural stones

1. PN-126 JPY31,000
2. PN-127 JPY31,000
3. PE-129 JPY25,000
4. PN-130 JPY40,000

(Base price)

Sakura Leaf

Modish and distinctive design with a motif of cherry blossom leaf, adding a matte-gold finish

1. PE-136 JPY31,000
2. PN-137 JPY25,000
3. PN-138 JPY42,000

(Base price)

Sakura Metal

Mature looking item with a metallic cherry blossom motif and swinging cubic Zirconia

1. EG-131 JPY39,000
2. PN-133 JPY35,000
3. BL-134 JPY26,000

(Base price)

Sakura Simple

Simple jewelry for daily use with prominent Sakura Diamond Cut

1. PN-112 JPY15,000
2. PN-114 JPY18,000
3. PE-115 JPY20,000
4. EG-119 JPY34,000
5. PN-120 JPY22,000
6. PN-122 JPY20,000
7. PE-123 JPY21,000
8. PE-124 JPY22,000
9. PN-125 JPY30,000

(Base price)